You “purge” people need to stop. Cleveland Detroit and some other cities police departments have shoot to kill permission from to federal government and this has gone too far. It’s one thing to be stupid af on twitter and post annoying shit but look at what this is doing to people. Hurting and killing them. My cousin broke her arm tonight In Louisville and I’m so Fukin done with all of them bullshit you guys post. You have got people scared and if you don’t think they’re going to find you- you have got one hell of a storm coming you coward.

Just look at what you have started. If you can’t even tell anybody who you are I wouldn’t call yourself brave or strong. A little boy named Michael’s house was burned down and he slipped into a coma. His parents died and that kid is waking up an orphan. If he even wakes up. And did i mention he is four?

It is in your power to stop this and I hope you do before somebody finds and kills you- or puts you in jail for a very long time. Unless you stop this nonsense ASAP.